Wet Curtain aka “Mokra Szmata” (polish, stands for something near “wet rag”, the title was invented by polish photographer Waclaw Wantuch during one of our meetings) started somewhere around crossing of 2005 and 2006. Despite project title, which in my native tongue might sound even somewhat derogatory, the main reason for me to pursue the theme over last few years was to search for the plenitude of shapes, wrinkles, body parts emerging from behind the material and a playful mind game of making you all thinking and wondering – “what’s under there…?”. It took many years and thanks to the models who still are asking about posing in this project and I still feel like I didn’t exhaust the theme fully. The presented images are still not the full set I wanted to prepare, I still have few dozens of frames waiting to be put here, some even shot last month. Also you might notice that there is not one color or composition theme, but I think it is ok – the images here are just as different as ladies I had luck to photograph.

Big Thanks to all of my beautiful models, who allowed me to take those photos – it wouldn’t be possible without all of you.